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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Is Stockton Falling off Financial Cliff?

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Is Stockton Falling off Financial Cliff?: STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — A red, white and blue sign declaring Stockton an "All-America City" still adorns City Hall, but the building's cr...

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1 dead, 3 hurt in late-night Stockton shooting

STOCKTON – One man died and three people were injured, all by gunfire, shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday near the corner of North Madison and Acacia streets, police reported.

Officer Pete Smith of the Stockton Police Department said the fatal victim was a white male who was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center. The other three victims were taken to San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, where they were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries and released. No further description of the victims has been released, Smith said.

May the man who died Rest in Peace.

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READER SERVICES Students sought for art competition

STOCKTON - Congressman Dennis Cardoza, D-Atwater, is inviting high school students in the 18th Congressional District to enter the annual Congressional Art Competition. Winners' work will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol.

Each member of Congress chooses one grand prize winner from his or her district.

The winning artist and one guest will be invited to a summer Capitol Hill awards ceremony.

All entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. April 20 to one of Cardoza's district offices. His Stockton office is at 401 N. San Joaquin St., Suite 109.

All submissions will be on public display at the San Joaquin County Law Library, 20 N. Sutter St., Stockton. The winning artwork will be announced during a public reception hosted by Cardoza from 2 to 4 p.m. May 6 at the Law Library. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges convened by Cardoza that includes professional artists and gallery curators.

Artwork must be a two-dimensional piece such as a painting, drawing, print, photograph, mixed media or collage. Dimensions must be no larger than 28 inches by 28 inches including frame, although no frame is required. The artwork must reflect life in the Central Valley.

Entry forms and more details are available at area high schools or at Cardoza's district office. Information: (209) 946-0361.

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Greg Pitsch For Mayor!

This is my official site during the campaign. It will mostly be used to give you an honest idea of the type of character I am. One in a Billion at best, I got plenty of eye-witnesses whom can attest to the life of happiness, and my pursuit of forever remaining three to five steps ahead. It is definately a tiresome job being a politician, especially when your losing control of the cities budget, jeopardizing our livelihood throughout the community.

Delta belongs to us and we must protect it

By Ann Johnston
March 04, 2012 12:00 AM

It has been reported recently that many people living in our Delta region are unaware of the vast network of bays, rivers and sloughs that make up the largest estuary on the West Coast.

Stockton sits in the very heart of this Delta and is home to 293,000 people who apparently take for granted the ability to farm the region, ship goods from the Port of Stockton, build homes by lakes and rivers, and enjoy the boating, fishing, and water sports that our Delta waterways offer.

The truth is that our Delta way of life is under attack by both federal and state laws that under the guise of ensuring a more reliable water supply for all of California and protecting and enhancing the Delta ecosystem, would take away not only our local land use authority but would build a canal or tunnel around the Delta that would remove precious water from our fragile waterways.

Our area's future economic prosperity depends upon an ability to maintain our agricultural economy, our Port's growth in shipping, and our orderly business and residential development, and the health of the Delta water itself.

The state Legislature has engineered this man-made disaster by establishing the Delta Stewardship Council, an independent, non-elected body that is charged with protecting the Delta through a voluminous document called The Delta Plan. Currently this plan lays out policies and principles that supposedly "protect" the Delta waterways, addressing everything from flood control to where homes can be built in our city. It essentially overrides our city's General Plan documents by requiring conformity to a loosely defined set of "covered actions."

It is apparent from attendance at DSC meetings and the pronouncements made by committee members, that the DSC sees its role as a super agency having the final say over local planning decisions. Just what we need in California is another super bureaucracy!

There have been five drafts of The Delta Plan, none of which have addressed our region's issues with land use planning, water rights protection, and the costs vs. the benefits of any of the proposed actions of the Plan. The suggestions of San Joaquin County and the four other counties comprising the Delta have been ignored, and the attitude is "just trust us."

We cannot trust a State agency that appears to have anything but our best interests in mind. Our future depends upon the ability of our locally elected officials to make decisions that will benefit our cities, not bring economic growth to a screeching halt.

San Joaquin County leaders are united in our opposition to The Delta Plan as currently drafted. We have formed a broad-based Delta Coalition comprised of cities, the county, water agencies, farming and business interests, and environmentalists to fight The Delta Plan.

This is the time for us to let both our federal and state representatives know that the Delta communities will not stand back and allow outsiders to take control of our waterways, our economy, and our future.

Ann Johnston is mayor of Stockton.

Anthony Silva Is Going to be Running for Mayor

By Roger Phillips

Record Staff Writer
March 03, 2012 12:00 AM

STOCKTON - Anthony Silva, chief executive officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stockton, has announced plans to run for mayor.

Silva joins Tony Stevens, 46, a native of Stockton and an Elk Grove car dealer, as a candidate to unseat incumbent Ann Johnston. Bar owner Jimmie Rishwain has said he is running for mayor and bail bondsman Ralph Lee White has said he is considering running.

Job creation, crime reduction and finding ways to get teenagers off the streets would be Silva's priorities if elected, he said Thursday.

"We need to provide more positive outlets, things that don't cost the city a lot of money but give (teens) places to go," Silva said. "There's a reason we're always making the top of the list on Forbes. It's embarrassing to me. I think the state of our city is just embarrassing."

Silva said the city should do everything it can to avoid bankruptcy.

"I think we should exhaust all resources first," Silva said. "People are always talking about whose jobs we can eliminate. I look at it differently. I want to look at how we can bring in more revenue for the city."

Silva, 37, is a Stockton native who graduated from Lincoln High School in 1993, San Joaquin Delta College in 1995 and Humphreys College in 2007. He has led the Boys & Girls Club since 2005.

Additionally, Silva is a former Stockton Unified School District trustee. Seeking re-election in 2008, he lost by one vote to Jose Morales in a bitter fight to win a second term representing southeast Stockton.

He also lost in the 2008 primary in a bid to serve on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors and in 2010 he was defeated in a bid to serve on the Lodi Unified school board.

In announcing his candidacy in a Wednesday speech at Variety's Banquet Hall & Terrace in Stockton, Silva touted what he said is a humble background and lifestyle.

"I am not rich nor was I born with privilege," he said, according to a copy of his speech. "I am a simple, hard-working person just like you. I drive a beat-up 2003 Honda Accord and I struggle every month to pay my bills just like many of you. I have already hit rock bottom in my life and I remember what it is like to be there and how long it took for me to climb out."

In the same speech, he also predicted a bruising battle for the mayor's seat, though he said his campaign will be "positive."

"I don't expect this campaign to be soft and easy," he said. "I will be threatened, I will have blackmail attempts toward me and I will probably be followed around. But this is Stockton politics and you are well aware that it gets nasty."

Thursday, Silva said Johnston should forgo her $82,000 salary until the city has a handle on its finances.

"I don't want the $80,000 a year until the city adopts and approves a balanced budget," he said.

Contact reporter Roger Phillips at (209) 546-8299 or Visit his blog at

New Music in Stockton, CA



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