Saturday, November 24, 2012

What will council's seat change mean for the Delta?

By Alex Breitler
Record Staff Writer

November 18, 2012 12:00 AM
STOCKTON - Just before the election, the Stockton City Council endured a two-hour presentation on a damnably complex subject: the Delta.

Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to build twin tunnels and siphon off Delta water had reached a "critical juncture," council members were told; they needed a crash course right away.

A week later, three council members, including Mayor Ann Johnston, were voted out of office. A fourth, Susan Eggman, will move on to the state Assembly.

Most of the council members who had in-depth knowledge of the Delta - the acronyms, the power players, the bureaucracy - will soon be gone.

What then?

"Believe me, I'm a little nervous about it," said Vice Mayor Kathy Miller, the lone remaining council member with in-depth involvement in the Delta. "The lack of institutional knowledge now in certain areas on the council - it's not that I think it's insurmountable, but it is an area of concern."

The city had been mostly silent on the subject of the Delta before Johnston elevated it to a major priority the past year.

At first, her concern was not so much with the proposed tunnels, but with other elements of the plan that officials worried would hinder Stockton's future growth.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Rand Paul is only Senator working to uphold the co...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Rand Paul is only Senator working to uphold the co...: This bill should get signed by all senators, and any who don't sign it, should be hung for treason. The Senators that do not, are not up...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Obamanoids Call Alex Jones

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: RT : Alex Jones - Obama's Executive Order facilita...

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truth be told: San Diego Sheriff keeping drone use top-secret?

truth be told: San Diego Sheriff keeping drone use top-secret?: U.S. law enforcement is greatly expanding its use of domestic drones for surveillance. Routine aerial surveillance would profoundly chang...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mayor Silva: A letter from concerned citizen

Dear Mayor-Elect Anthony Silva,

Let me first and foremost introduce myself. My name is Rufo Tabayoyong and I am a resident of Stockton and Weston Ranch to be more particular. I do not have a job, I do not go to school, and all I do every day as of recently is stay home watch over my dad and try not to let the sickness of this city get the best of me. The downward economy has a major influence over the people of any community. When there is less and less money going around in a city it is inevitable crime rate will soar and employment will decrease, cause it to be a not so comfortable place to live. That is the situation you are being given and asked to deal with, and to be honest to change this city around I believe will spark the whole nation, and country as one to eventually move toward progress and prosperity.

I do not think a lot of people in our country or city most importantly know that what we are going through here in Stockton is the first in most of the United States. I believe we were hit the hardest of our own bad judgment and misfortunes. We know that Weston Ranch had the highest foreclosure rate across the country. I have been told before that homes where I live were being sold quickly at around 450k and now they have drop down to a average mean of maybe 140k. Not only that we have a high crime rate in Stockton, high unemployment, and overall a bad negative thought of Stockton in general from outsiders looking in.

I know of many people who have a negative mindset due to the none existence of money around this city. I feel like there is less and less help and positive people in Stockton each day. One thing I do know is that the fall to any community is power, money, and greed.

I think that a reason to why crime rate is high and why people are plague with negative minds are because if one were to look around Stockton there is not so much to do around here. I almost lost myself if it was not for basketball, and my love for basketball help me do things and keep me positive about myself and kept my time in use for progress. That in turn helped me to feel better about myself and for everything around me. Basketball also help me reflect on myself and help me confront my problems, and thus I am so grateful that I can say for myself that I am mentally not affected by the economic downfall that is the primary reason for our city problems.

All of us as people are not bad evil people we just do bad things that most of the time we regret and could take back. I know of people who come out of prison totally opposite of what they once were and that time and reflection help them see and realize their personal flaws. If we want change for ourselves, for our city then we have to start within.

An idea I have to help us toward progress prosperity is to promote more community things to do. I use to live in the bay area and a good idea they had in the city of Oakland to prevent the crime and violence to rise was to create more community activity. More events to spend time with each other for common interest funded by mostly time for willing people who want better for us. They put together a community basketball league that people can come and watch as well as play in different parks around the city each Friday night.

So instead of our minors, youth, and young adults who are misguided causing trouble around the city they can use their time in something positive with involvement of the community as a whole. This represented more closeness in the people around us, granted more relations, and more people to actually know more about thy neighbor. It was more than basketball it was an event that reminded the community that we are all on the same team, and we can be happy if we stick together and do whats right instead of promoting acts of selfishness.

I believe you know what I am talking about working with the boys and girls club and this is where I see your strengths. You might know the fundamentals for keeping misguided minds together and achieving goals on the same pace. If we were to lean toward this idea and it does not have to be basketball but other events sports, talent shows, concerts, that are all funded by people just wanting to be together then it would benefit us more than maybe more police officers. We could sell food and have it known that the money made will be use to help better our city by paving our streets, paying for more officers, or whatever we need to run this city.

I have more ideas on how we can help our city but help starts within. We can never really truly do things for each other, but the best help is helping someone help themselves. Inspire and motivate instead of just paying for someone’s misfortunes. You know the term you can catch a fish for someone and they will eat for a day, or you can teach someone how to catch a fish and they will eat forever. This is what I want to promote for our city that if we teach our people how to think more positive and have more happiness in their life even at the start of Friday community nights then this will cause a domino effect and they will be more positive and have confidence to do what is morally right. Lets teach people how to be more responsible positive and to remind them that they are not alone.

Mr Mayor I support you and everything you want to do. I know that you want better for the people of Stockton and that is your true intentions and not for money greed or power. So if you agree or have any input or would like to know more about my ideas then let me know thank you and keep leading Stockton for a better tomorrow.

Inspired Stockton Resident,
Rufo Tabayoyong

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: 6.5-magnitude quake rocks Guatemala's coast, secon...

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: The Government Isn't here to dictate, they are our...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: The Government Isn't here to dictate, they are our...: By Greg Pitsch (OZ) With another Election in the books, it seems like American's have forgot why 'we the people' created our government ...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Obama: "My Muslim Faith"

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Obama: "My Muslim Faith": For a President to state his following of the Muslim Religion, shows us that he isn't sure what he believes, maybe this is because he doe...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

truth be told: The Planned UN Takeover of America

truth be told: The Planned UN Takeover of America: Published on Nov 9, 2012 Alex covers fallout from the 2012 election, including charges of massive vote fraud and uncounted ballots in Fl...

What we rarely notice is the foundation of our Freedom

What we rarely notice is the foundation of our Freedom

I am a 27 year old conservative that knows AMERICA is on the hook, and we the people are solely responsible for everything our Government does. An example would be them spending Trillions that does not exist! All the while, luring us in, then demand that we need to pay more!!!

All of the Politicians use these three keys to keeping us uninformed:

- never mention the revenue
- leave a majority of statements open-ended
- Say Something Stupid, while smiling!

Why is it that they haven't tried to help give us taxpayer's a break? If we want to take our Country back, we must first, END THE FED!!

Nearly half of this country is on Government Aid, sucking down our resources without ever paying a dime! They get free health care, ours goes up!!! They want an equal opportunity because they didn't attend or graduate from a University.

We should let them live life broke, and give them free food, thats it. No public Housing, No Cell phones, Internet, tuition, and all the other handouts the government will hand to them!

We need to put a stop to this monetary madness going on in Washington D.C !

That's what a conservative does, cuts unnecessary spending! I had to turn off my cell, my Directv, give up two cars, still paying on both, had to buy another one to go to work, gas went up to $5.69/gal. I have since lost everything but my home, and my family, everything else is unnecessary.

Mitt Romney: $2 Billion on Campaign
Barack Obama: $4 Billion on Campaign

FREEDOM: Priceless,

Some things money can't buy, but for everything else there's the FEDERAL RESERVE

The total cost of the election is close to $6 Billion, how much of that is for schools?....0
Or, feeding the poor?....0
So tell me that you really believe that the government has your best interest at heart? Even though they have never met you? We are the government, so why do we not have access to the same money they get to spend? Or do we??

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Latino groups to Obama: You owe Latinos the electi...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Latino groups to Obama: You owe Latinos the electi...: Voters in a polling place in East Los Angeles on Tuesday (David McNew/Getty Images) By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News | The Ticket In initia...

Stockton's Challanger Defeats Incumbent

Stockton mayoral candidate Anthony Silva, center under sign, stands with supporters Tuesday night at the University Hotel in Stockton.

- Challenger Anthony Silva has won the race for Stockton mayor over incumbent Ann Johnston late Tuesday, signaling that residents could be hungry for change in a city beset by a record number of murders and bankruptcy.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Silva had taken 58 percent of the votes over Johnston's 42 percent.

"Ann has always been a good cheerleader," Silva said. "It's about who voters think will put more police on the streets and address the crime issue. We are optimistic, but until more votes are counted, I am not able to declare victory."

At 11:30 p.m., the incumbent mayor still was not giving up.

"Oh no, absolutely not. Never give up," Johnston said. "We'll wait until the last ballot is counted."

Silva, 38, will have work ahead of him.

In his campaign, Silva, president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stockton, vowed not to take a paycheck until he balanced the city budget and restored a police presence large enough to calm the violence.

He will take the lead of the largest city in the nation to have declared bankruptcy, even before the city has successfully proved that it is eligible for Chapter 9 protection. Stockton in October surpassed the highest number of homicides in its history.

Read the Rest of this article, by clicking this link

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Mayor Of Bankrupt California City Explains Where She Failed

Charles' Murray's Losing Ground was that most incentives in life are negative, in that if you don't do X you will starve or freeze or whatever. Thus, you learn to be thrifty, nice, and hard working to simply get by.
The most common complaint by businesses as to why they fail is that their banker stopped lending or seized their collateral; if they just had more time things would have turned around.

Read more: Click Here

Nations first poll ends in a tie

4 way Tie for President, in small town of Dixville, NH?

Let's hope it ends in a TIE,

Monday, November 5, 2012

Stockton, This Is Who Deserves Your Vote!

This Is Reality in Stockton, We need new Leaders!

To all Stockton Residents that have yet to vote, please help ensure our safety, and vote for Anthony Silva! He is focused on ridding our streets of the massive increase violence, that have murdered more people in the last two years, than the previous 5 combined. We are in need of a direct turn-around, if we hope to watch our children, once again enjoy the outdoors!

And don't forget about these corruption cases brought forth against Ann Johnston in recent months.

- She Expressed to the council, that she was not in favor of voting to give herself a raise, but then the week after the council unanimously voted in support of the Raise just weeks after filing for bankruptcy.

- Ann Johnston was found receiving illegal retirement benefits which totaled $46,500 through the City, even though our City Charter states that no elected officials shall receive any type of pension. This money was to be returned to the City immediately, and she has yet to follow the courts order.

- She neglectfully voted for the City of Stockton to file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy in June 2012, opposing the wishes of the people who elected her.

- Was proud of how she was "double dipping," a term used as lingo for someone who works full time, and collects from her retirement.

- Has Chosen to not hire a City Auditor after the former Auditor quit in February of 2012.

- Rejected a Blank Check from an extremely wealthy man from Washington, she didn't even entertain the offer.

- In 2010, Ann Johnston Laid off 25% of the Stockton Police Force which was already severely understaffed.


in Stockton
1 in 70

in California
1 in 226




Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ralph Nader Says Obama Is A 'War Criminal' Who Has...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ralph Nader Says Obama Is A 'War Criminal' Who Has...: Ralph Nader Says Obama Is A 'War Criminal' Who Has Been 'More Aggressive' Than George W. Bush (VIDEO) : "Ralph Nader has called ...

truth be told: Up in smoke: How Gary Johnson and a Colorado marij...

truth be told: Up in smoke: How Gary Johnson and a Colorado marij...: BOULDER, Colorado—Dressed in a sports jacket, a faded peace-symbol T-shirt and blue jeans, the Libertarian presidential candidate Gary ...

Freedom = Not being allowed to smoke pot?

To the Citizens of this great City

New Music in Stockton, CA



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