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Olympic Victory: Sun, Lochte lead 200 free qualifying - Yahoo! Spor...

Olympic Victory: Sun, Lochte lead 200 free qualifying - Yahoo! Spor...: Sun, Lochte lead 200 free qualifying - Yahoo! Sports : 'via Blog this' Photo By David J. Phillip LONDON (AP) -- Sun Yang of China and ...

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Olympic Victory: London's Official Logo for the 2012 Olympic Games

Olympic Victory: London's Official Logo for the 2012 Olympic Games: There was a lot of controversy about the logo, when it's design was to be approved by the IOC, Iran was protesting it for a very sound rea...

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Stockton's fabric of faith

Stockton tech firm growing with Verve

Pool tragedy claims life of 4-year-old boy

Prison guard facing sex charges

Family out for justice

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'...: Associated Press – Tue, Jul 17, 2012 PHOENIX (AP) — Investigators for an Arizona sheriff's volunteer posse have declared that President ...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ron Paul supporters sue GOP, claiming intimidation...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ron Paul supporters sue GOP, claiming intimidation...: By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER | Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Supporters of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul have filed a lawsuit aga...



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Cen Cal Hip-Hop: Oh Zee ft. aBomb - Elevate Your Game

Cen Cal Hip-Hop: Oh Zee ft. aBomb - Elevate Your Game: BUY THIS SONG FOR JUST $1.00

Valley News: “Stockton Syndrome” Discussed in Absolute Wealth’s...

Valley News: “Stockton Syndrome” Discussed in Absolute Wealth’s...: “The Gorrie Details” looks into the scenario in California in the daily editorial column from James R. Gorrie. Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 1...

We Don't Appreciate The Negative Remarks Alvin

Lots of talk, few specifics on pension reform

By Matt Augustine

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — While members of city council will likely have their share of problems with the mayor's proposed budget as they begin to work their way through the more than 400 pages of numbers, the one thing most seem to agree on is that the city needs to reform its pension system or face the possibility of bankruptcy.

"We're not going to be like Stockton, California...we're going to do this right," says Mayor Alvin Brown.
However, exactly what that reform will entail is another issue entirely. Specific details of a pension reform plan, even tentative or speculative ones, have been non-existent.

"I would say this: If we don't reform the pension system, in a few years, we could be looking like some of the other cities," says councilman Steven Joost, referring to cities like Stockton and San Bernardino, California, which have filed for bankruptcy due largely to bloated pension funds.

The city of Jacksonville will pay out $150 million in pensions this year -- a $46.5 million dollar increase from last year and about 15 percent of the total general fund budget which adds up to about $945 million.

Joost says the first thing city council has to do is pass the budget. Once that's done, he says, they can start working on pension reform seriously. However, council president Bill Bishop says it's going to be a long road.
"I really don't know how that's going to go. The pension issue is highly complex. There are a lot of moving parts, there are a lot of people involved," he says.

Mayor Brown vowed during his budget speech that Jacksonville would not end up like Stockton or San Bernardino, and says the wheels are already in motion for a pension reform plan.

"We're going to present a pension plan by the end of the year that's going to be fair and sustainable," said Mayor Brown. "It's not sustainable, we've got to do pension reform and we have to protect the taxpayers and the city employees, and the only way to do that is to make sure we do pension reform, and we're working on that. I don't want to get into specifics but we're literally working on that. We'll present a plan by no later than the end of the year."

Brown says the goal is to have it done before next year's budget.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Valley News: More CA Cities are Going Belly Up

Valley News: More CA Cities are Going Belly Up: By The Record July 15, 2012 12:00 AM And then there were three. First Stockton. Then Mammoth Lakes. Now San Bernardino. Three Califor...

Bullets, glass fly in attack on California Street

By The Record
July 12, 2012 12:00 AM
STOCKTON - A documented gang member and two women near him were injured during a shooting Wednesday afternoon in central Stockton, according to police.

The male victim, whose identity was not released, was one of three people hospitalized after the 2:40 p.m. attack on California Street between Arcade Street and Monterey Avenue. None of the injuries are severe, and no suspects have been identified, police said.

Stockton police briefly closed a section of California Street as evidence technicians combed the scene for shell casings.

A Jaguar sedan was hit by multiple gunshots, and more than 10 shell casings were in the parking lot next to Alpine Market, said Officer Joe Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department. In keeping with department policy, authorities are not disclosing the specific gang the man belongs to.

Another young woman, who lives in an apartment across the street from the market, was also injured when bits of glass flew in her eyes as a bullet pierced her window and embedded in her living room wall.

The victim, who did not give her name for fear of reprisal, said she heard several gunshots but did not see anything because her vision was temporarily obscured. The woman, who appeared to be in her 20s, did not seek medical attention.

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Great Answer Mitt! YeeAH!

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Great Answer Mitt! YeeAH!: Atta Boy MiTT!!

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: U.S. Sells Citizenship to Wealthy Immigrants

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: U.S. Sells Citizenship to Wealthy Immigrants: By Sarah McBride | Reuters – Fri, Jun 29, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO ( Reuters ) - Shera Bechard , the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Playbo...

1 Dead, Several wounded in a Stockton Gun Battle

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Suspects wanted in connection with a freeway chase and brazen gun battle with police overnight surrendered in Stockton early Thursday morning.

SWAT officers stormed a home on Monte Diablo Avenue and took the suspects into custody.

The incident began on Wednesday night after someone was shot in the area of North Plymouth Road. A short time later, more shots were reported a few blocks away between two vehicles at an ARCO gas station, say police.

Darance Leave, 19, is a documented gang member.

“We’re in a residential neighborhood, and bullets have no names,” Officer Joe Silva said. “One of those bullets could have gone into a residence and caused some harm, and we’re very fortunate that didn’t happen here.”

Officers located one of the vehicles, a van, believed to be involved in the shootings and chased it up and down Interstate 5 as passengers fired multiple shots at police, hitting a patrol car.

The chase ended in a shootout. One of the suspects was shot and killed, and a second was hit by gunfire and taken to the hospital. He was later released and was being questioned by police Thursday. A third suspect tried to run from police but was tracked down and arrested.

Darold Jarvis, 34, is a wanted felon.
Police seized an assault rifle and two handguns.

The suspect killed was later identified as Joseph Brooks, 27. Police identified the two suspects at the scene as Darold Jarvis, 34, a wanted felon, and Darance Leave, 19, a documented gang member. Three suspects arrested at the house were still be questioned.

The Plymouth Road shooting victim is expected to survive.

Stockton bankruptcy: Retirees sue to stop cuts to health benefits

A group of Stockton retirees is seeking a restraining order against the bankrupt city's efforts to cut their health benefits, part of the city's "pendency plan" aimed at keeping it solvent while it seeks protections from creditors.

The city informed retirees by letter they must pay their premiums by July 30 or "medical coverage will be canceled retroactive to July 1."

Promises of lifelong health benefits have been blamed in part for Stockton's failure, which was also brought on by the housing bust, unemployment and borrowing for downtown development that did not bring expected results.

PHOTOS: California cities in bankruptcy

Dwane Milnes, who was Stockton's city manager from 1991 to 2001, has been widely criticized for giving retirees full retirement healthcare in return for agreements from unions not to seek raises. The unfunded liability for those benefits is $417 million.

Milnes now represents the retirees in bankruptcy-related negotiations.

"It is not unfair to make changes in the retirement plan," Milnes said. "The world changes and when the world changes you have to adapt. But the question is, how do you change it in a way that is respectful of those most in need?"

Plaintiff Alfred Seibel, 58, a retired parks worker, said he can't afford the premiums and can't afford to lose coverage.
With the city's cuts, Seibel's health insurance costs would be $1,126.66 per month, or about 51% of his net income.

"I am already taking generic meds for cholesterol and triglycerides against my doctor's advice, I can't afford the $70 co-pay. My wife cries all the time. She don't understand how when they promise you all this stuff, then they [can] just take it away," he said in court documents.

A retired parks caretaker who worked for the city for 31 years, Seibel also suffers from a work-related herniated disc and enlarged lymph nodes that doctors say are from chemicals he used on the job.

The suit seeks class-action status covering all retirees, but Milnes said he and other managers with higher incomes would be willing to give up their benefits.

"The ones we're talking about are the ones who worked for us for years. For crying out loud, we know them, we know their families. We know about their breast cancer, their husband's diabetes," he said.

The budget the Stockton City Council adopted slashed contributions to current employee and retiree health benefits and eliminated benefits for employees with fewer than 10 years of city service. It eliminates city-funded medical benefits for retirees by July 2013.

There are about 2,400 city retirees, about 1,000 of whom receive health benefits. Two-thirds of the city retirees do not meet poverty requirements for California's low-income healthcare program but cannot afford private insurance, Milnes said. Those who are over 65 can get Medicare, but they must pay for medications and doctor's office visits.

Stockton Vice Mayor Kathy Miller said the lawsuit was not unexpected.

"All I can say is that there is a group of retirees who think it's more important for the taxpayers to pay 100% of their retirement than to keep police officers on the street," she said. "They know the situation. They know 80% of our discretionary income is for public safety. There is no way we can close the budget gap without these cuts. But they think they should come first."


Readers spread the blame in San Bernardino's bankruptcy bid

Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce says who picks Suri's nannies

San Bernardino bankruptcy: Other California cities could be next

— Diana Marcum

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oprah gives to young Stockton campaign

Posted by
CNN's Dana Davidsen
(CNN) - Oprah has added another campaign to her exclusive list of political donations.

Joining the likes of Barack Obama and Newark, N.J. mayor Cory Booker, Michael Tubbs was lucky enough to grab a little 'Oprah Effect.'

– Follow the Ticker on Twitter: @PoliticalTicker

According to his campaign's website, Tubbs is a 21-year-old politician who is running for city council in Stockton, California, a place ranking first on Forbes list of 'America's Most Miserable Cities' and has become America's largest city to file for bankruptcy.

A Stanford grad and Stockton native, Tubbs met Oprah while she was touring Stanford with the African Leadership Academy at a luncheon on campus. After hearing about his aspirations to revitalize the city, Oprah asked the young Democrat how she could make a donation, sending him $10,000 - one third of his campaign fundraising goal, BET first reported.

Tubbs told CNN that he feels so "thankful and humbled" by the media mogul's donation and feel that Oprah's political sentiments mimic those of his constituents.

"Oprah has only given to two other campaigns, which is a common narrative among our donors," said Tubbs who also says many of his donations come in $10-20 per month increments.

Tubbs' campaign slogan is "Reinvent Stockton" and, if elected, he could become the youngest city council member in Stockton's history.

"The city is at a crisis moment," said Tubbs, characterizing the November election as a "choice between chaos and community."

Born to a 16-year-old mom and incarcerated dad, he calls himself a "political breath of fresh air," promising to provide a fresh look at the economically wounded community, according to the candidate's website.

Tubbs election bid is showing strength with a win in a June 5 primary, grabbing just over 55 percent of Stockton voters, trumping incumbent Dale Fritchen's just under 44 percent, according to San Joaquin's Registrar of Voters. The only names on the ballot, Tubbs and Fritchen will face off again in November.

"When we started in January, we were motivated by a simple idea: that given the state of the city, that now was the time to ReInvent Stockton. Since that time we've talked to thousands of voters, walked every precinct in District 6, and have built a diverse coalition of volunteers and supporters that include school board President Sara Cazares, Delta Board of Trustee members Mary Ann Cox and Janet Rivera, Congressman Jerry McNerney, and even national icons like Oprah Winfrey. Yesterday, the residents of District 6 made their voices heard over the chorus of critics and told my opponent and the rest of the city that, "Now is the time to Reinvent Stockton,"" said Tubbs in a statement issued after his primary win.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC...: August 26, 2012 Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC LAKE JACKSON, Te...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Analysis: Stockton, California new paradigm for st...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Analysis: Stockton, California new paradigm for st...: By Hilary Russ | Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stockton, California , the largest city in the United States to ever file for bankruptcy,...

Stockton Internet & Innovation Conference - 4th Annual

Back by popular for the 4th year!

4th Annual Stockton Internet & Innovation Conference. It's a full day on inspiring talks from industry leaders. Lean the keys to why some organizations succeed and others don't. Some of the topics:
- Innovating ideas that change our lives and how local organizations can excell as well.
- Network security at the office and home.
- To Cloud or not and other questions you were fearful of asking
- Valley Economic Outlook with updated information and opportunity for growth for local businesses.
- Generating revenue with eBay
- Social Email marketing
- Improving your businesses online exposure

Advanced registration required. Last year's event was a sold out.

For registration or more information visit or call (209) 957-8629.

Location: University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
110 West Fremont Street Map

Date: 7/26/2012 to 7/26/2012

Hours: 8:00am to 5pm

Prices: See below

Ticket Info: For more information
call 209-957-8629.


Banner Island Ballpark to host 2013 WCC Baseball Championship

STOCKTON, Calif.- The Stockton Ports, in cooperation with the Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau, are excited to announce that Banner Island Ballpark will host the 2013 West Coast Conference Baseball Championship. The 2013 WCC Championship is set to take place at the ballpark from May 23-25, which will mark the first year the conference has gone to a four-team, neutral-site championship. "This is a big move for the West Coast Conference and we're excited to be a part of it," Ports Director of Business Development Tim Pasisz said. "We're proud to announce that Banner Island Ballpark is the WCC Baseball Championship's new home."

Banner Island Ballpark will host the top four teams from the WCC in the Championship next year, with a practice day taking place on May 22, and competition from the 23-25. The Conference currently consists of nine schools: Brigham Young, Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Portland, Saint Mary's, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. The WCC is the future home of University of the Pacific, which will join the conference in 2013-14. "We are thrilled to bring the West Coast Conference baseball championship to Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton," said WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "The Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Stockton Ports have been great partners throughout the bid process, and we look forward to hosting our event there in 2013. We believe this event is a great vehicle to introduce the West Coast Conference to Stockton and the Central Valley, an important new market for us with the University of the Pacific joining our conference in 2013-2014."

More information on the game schedule and game tickets will be released this fall. Contact Tim Pasisz with any questions at (209) 644-1900.

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Stockton to Become Largest US City in Bankruptcy

Stockton to Become Largest US City in Bankruptcy

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Stockton, Calif. Files for Bankruptcy

Stockton, Calif. Files for Bankruptcy
Video from WSJ Live

Stockton CA Bankruptcy - Hoenig v Sawyer
video from FOX News

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Stockton, CA Bankruptcy Totally Avoidable?

Stockton, CA Bankruptcy Totally Avoidable?

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: GOP forcing Ron Paul Supporters to sign 'loyalty o...

Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: GOP forcing Ron Paul Supporters to sign 'loyalty o...: GOP forcing Ron Paul Supporters to sign 'loyalty oaths' to Mitt Romney

New Music in Stockton, CA



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