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Stockton Rail Facility Gets $11 Million Boost From State -

Stockton Rail Facility Gets $11 Million Boost From State -

Check out the different events throughout the city. Stockton is on the verge of breaking away from the norm. Developers are getting to the basics and rebuilding a new city, that will be mostly solar panel installations downtown.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stockton teacher fired for porn site wants job back |

Stockton teacher fired for porn site wants job back | "STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) - A California teacher fired after being accused of operating pornographic websites from a school-issued laptop is fighting to get her job back.

An attorney for Heidi Kaeslin argued before an administrative law judge in Stockton on Monday that the Lincoln Unified School District crafted disconnected events into a theme about his client that simply didn't happen. 

 Kaeslin was a special education teacher at Lincoln High School in north Stockton when the accusations surfaced last year. 

 The attorney, Tom Driscoll, said Kaeslin's participation in the websites was brief and did not involve pornography although he did acknowledge that she ran a photo shoot that included topless women.  According to the Record of Stockton, Lincoln Unified counters that Kaeslin's laptop contained thousands of pornographic and erotic images and her behavior was unprofessional and immoral. The Associated Press"

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in America Each Led by a Democrat


Detroit for the fourth year in a row, is ranked as the "most dangerous city" in America according to Forbes online.

The statistics indicate that Detroit suffered about 2,137 acts of violent crime per 100,000 residents. However, when we rank the extraordinary crime levels for each of these 'dangerous' cities, we noticed a startling trend in our quick research, and we weren't the only ones who noticed it, apparently.

You see, each of these cities has one commonality being that each is also led by a Democrat Mayor, and these days you know what Democrat actually means....


The list was printed as follows:

10th- Buffalo, N.Y. (Democrat Mayor )

9th- Cleveland (Democrat Mayor )

8th- Stockton, Calif. (Democrat Mayor )
* Highest Murder rate per capita
7th- Baltimore (Democrat Mayor )

6th- Atlanta (Democrat Mayor )

5th- Birmingham, Ala (Democrat Mayor )

4th- Memphis, Tenn (Democrat Mayor )

3rd- Oakland, Calif (Democrat Mayor )

2nd- St. Louis. [Source] (Democrat Mayor )

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh Zee Clothing: Randy Moss #84 San Francisco 49ers Away football jersey

Oh Zee Clothing: Randy Moss #84 San Francisco 49ers Away football jersey

Stockton's Mayor suffers from Amnesia due to her Helium Addiction

Does anyone else feel that Ann Johnston has something serious? She can only work one 40 hour work week. Just imagine how many "hours" aside from her Mayor's duty? The correct answer is none, because being Stockton's Mayor, is actually a full-time position. This is why it doesn't make any sense the way she "runs" her business, instead of "running" our city. Maybe this is truely the reason that our city is in shambles? Nothing personal Mrs. Johnston, but I am fairly certain that your lack of commitment, may be the root cause for our many issues.

We have had enough!

No longer can 'We the people' put up with a wrong answer. Recently Ann has said that she was mis-lead, along with the other 6 council members. Her panel of who? Who were on that council? It's supposed to be the citizens! Not the former Senators, Congressmen, nor Big Whigs of the Special Interest groups. Listen to the people that pay your entire public salary, because you must not forget you need our votes to get elected... yet, you've been ignoring the fact, that we are all in danger of being the next victim of these violent crimes that have plagued the city for too long!

No more Balloons, Mrs. Johnston!

Even after you had received an extra +/-$45,000 which to this day has still not been paid back, going against the courts order... But she has experience of what exactly? The only things I've seen since moving here in 2008, was her lack of drive for the city's well being. I can attest to anybody that says anything besides, "It has gotten a lot worse in the last four years!"

If the court rules in favor of Ralph and I in February, at which point we feel, you personally will be responsible for all legal fees, and running for an Office for which you are termed out, Is also known as Tyranny against the public! Knowing you could be ineligible before you officially announced your candidacy, can be considered as attacking the foundation of our democracy, and accepting votes for an office you cannot fill, Is pointless, and borderline shameful.

Ann before it's too late, do the Right-thing, and push back voting to elect our Mayor to Christmas Eve, then withdraw yourself from the race, and allow Jimmie Rishwain to rightfully challange Anthony Silva. These two Men actually converse with the people of Stockton, they ask and they listen!

Big money backs mayor

Businessman helping Johnston, Fritchen campaigns

By Scott Smith
Record Staff Writer
October 17, 2012 12:00 AM

STOCKTON - Big money backing incumbent Mayor Ann Johnston and two council candidates has poured in from a wealthy businessman who lives in Nevada and made his fortune in the auto repossession industry.

Patrick K. Willis also bought Stockton's glitzy University Waterfront Plaza Hotel two years ago and turned around the once bankrupt business, giving him a personal interest in the city's vitality.

Anthony Silva for Mayor!

He also supports incumbent Councilman Dale Fritchen and newcomer Randy Hatch in the Nov. 6 election, contributing a total of $67,500, which makes him the largest single contributor, according to the candidates' most recent campaign statements.

Willis contributed $37,500 to Johnston, giving her a campaign fund of $105,235, including $20,000 from Stockton developer Alex Spanos. Willis was not available for comment Tuesday.

Mayoral challenge hearing set for Feb.

Mayoral challenge hearing set for Feb.
Print this Article Email this Article

By Scott Smith
Record Staff Writer
October 16, 2012 12:00 AM

STOCKTON - A judge on Monday set a Feb. 1 hearing for Ralph Lee White, a former mayoral candidate, to challenge the validity of incumbent Mayor Ann Johnston's quest for a second term.

The hearing date, set by San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Lesley Holland, falls three months after the Nov. 6 election, upending White's attempt to scuttle Johnston's candidacy.

Johnston seeks a second term as mayor against challenger Anthony Silva.

White said he will seek a special election - filing a new suit, if necessary - in the scenario that Johnston is re-elected and then White succeeds in court at invalidating her career in city government.

"I did not write the charter. The people voted on it," White said defending him against critics, such as Johnston, who accuse him of needlessly distracting City Hall from genuine challenges.

"It's like saying, 'There goes Ralph Lee White complaining about his constitutional rights,' " said White, comparing the city charter to Stockton's constitution. "You must uphold the constitution, whether you like it or not."

White, a property investor, bail bondsman and former councilman, launched his charge against Johnston and the city earlier this year based on his interpretation of Section 606 of the city charter, which says:

"No person elected as either Mayor or Councilmember shall be eligible to serve, or serve, as either Mayor or Councilmember for more than two (2) terms ..."

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney: Obama ‘running on fumes’ instead of policies | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Romney: Obama ‘running on fumes’ instead of policies | The Ticket - Yahoo! News:

"Romney: Obama ‘running on fumes’ instead of policies By Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – 7 hrs ago Email 2 Print Comedian Dennis Miller with Mitt Romney on Wednesday (Charles Dharapak/AP)

CHESAPEAKE, Va.—Mitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama for not offering more details about his second-term agenda in Tuesday night's debate, telling voters here on Wednesday that his opponent has focused on attacking GOP proposals instead of explaining his own policies.

"He can't even explain what he's done in the past four years. He's spent most of his time talking about how my plan won't work. Well, what about his plan?"

Romney said at a rally held on the ground of a local community college here.

"It's clear when it comes to his policies, his answers and his agenda, he's pretty much running on fumes."

Again and again, Romney slammed Obama for not presenting a clearer plan for what he would do if re-elected. Pointing out that next Monday's debate in Boca Raton, Fla., will be their last face-off before Election Day, Romney suggested Obama has only a few more days to present his second-term agenda to the country."

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Looking at the 2012 November 6th Ballot, and what it all means

By Greg Pitsch

As I glanced over this years Ballot, I was noticing the ambiguous language in the case of the new measures for voters to either approve or deny. Based solely on the wording, I advise you to pay attention to what they are saying, not what they are promising. What gets me frustrated is the fact that we are being toyed with by both the Democratic and Republican parties, they have wedged themselves between us (the people) and our tax revenue.

Most people don't understand what the measures, and propositions are for, to be frank, the propositions are giving us options on how "we the people," would like to spend our tax revenues for the next decade or so. What if we always voted no on all propositions? If the American people were smart enough to drop all propositions on every ballot for the last 20 years, we would actually be getting a huge dollar return.

Because the millions and sometimes billions of our taxpayer dollars would be evenly distributed among the tax-payers. This money is OURS, but these politicians jump in front of it and start fighting over how much goes to what causes, and what countries they want to give aid to. When have they ever had the courtesy to ask us what we would like to spend OUR money on? Never! Or if we would like to keep this years tax revenue, and divide it equally, since we are all feeling this down economy? Not Once!

The United States gives up roughly $53 Billion to foreign Aid, to help encourage democracy around the world. Yet the United States itself is a Republic, not a democracy! This is similar to our $650 Stimulus check we received back in 2007. If we take our entire budget and factor out all the unnecessary items being funded, and divide this amount equally among this countries tax-payers, we would probably not see the current financial crisis, nor anything close to what we are facing today!

OUR money is stolen from us, to first pay the theives, then divided up with the rest of the world, all while we suffer. This solely is the reasoning behind my ideology, on why we should always vote NO, on all measures and propositions.

Increases taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years and sales taxes by 1/4 for four years, to fund schools. Guarantees public safety realignment funding. Fiscal Impact: Increased state tax revenues through 2018-19, averaging about $6 billion annually over the next few years. Revenues available for funding state budget. In 2012-13, planned spending reductions, primarily to education programs, would not occur.

Summary: The tax on the rich will not go to fund schools, however the 1/4 raise in everybody's taxes will go to fund schools. (Isn't that what we spend the states lottery winnings on?) They will more than likely use a majority of the money for Re-drawing the boundary between city police, and county sheriff's patrol jurisdiction. That's also the extent of the funds going towards assisting public safety, actually this is the laws only guaratee. It does state that some of this is to cover the deficit of the 2012-13 state budget, if that seems at all acceptable to you, go for it, however I'm going to have to oppose this Initiative.

No on Prop. 30

Saturday, October 13, 2012

With Election time just around the corner, Stockton Citizens ask Johnston to step down!

Stockton charter is clear, Ralph White is right

The Record got it all wrong. As in many cases, The Record's opinion of Ralph Lee White in pursuit of following the city charter is all wrong ("Court decision brings more turmoil," Sept. 23, The Record).

White, who helped write and supervise the charter, has proven again that he is knowledgeable of how the good old boys, and in this case girls, work in our little backward city. The local San Joaquin County judge who rendered the original decision, should be sent back to school for a course in remedial reading.

The charter is very clear, and if White is a thorn in the side of city hall, then city hall should follow the charter. Ann Johnston is ineligible, and White is a citizen, who saw the law being broken and took action.

Frankly, The Record should be doing what White has done, but instead of having a nose for news, The Record has chosen to attack White by calling him a perennial mayoral candidate. Just so the editorial board knows, any citizen has the right to run for any office as often as they choose to do so.

The Record editorial board should spend its time on improving the quality of the newspaper, because the paper is ambiguous on many of its views.

Larry Thomas

Thank you Larry for sharing your thoughts. Most seem to have let my name slip out of the story, because I too am listed in this lawsuit against the mayor and the city. We are grateful you see it our way, but doesn't it seem like this case should be decided soon.

The Record never reports the news as we see it, but rather from their own point of view. I have had a few blurbs in the newspaper as of late, and they were all written out of context, and I was mis-quoted a few times!

I think if we have no ruling by Nov. 5th the only right thing for Ann Johnston to do, would be to drop out. I am saying we the people, need to make sure our bylaws, drafted in the Charter don't get manipulated by anyone. Wish us luck, and remember to vote for Anthony Silva for Mayor!

Freedom of Speech has no limitations, nor should we allow any!

Free speech must be used with care
Stockton Record: Letters to Editor 10/9/12

The right to express our views is a vital and valuable element of our society, but it does not allow anyone to falsely shout fire in a theater, make threatening phone calls, or instigate chaos in the U.S. and abroad. Freedom of speech assumes a level of responsibility. It does not imply the right to willfully do harm.

In the current case of the film that is causing violent uprising among followers of Allah, it could be considered as a hate crime or the equivalent of an act of terrorism. Actors in the film had voice-overs added after they had completed their scripted roles. These voice-overs had a specific intent that was magnified when the film was circulated through mass media. This action suggests a use that goes beyond the realm of free speech, and yet the man behind the anti-Islam movie is having his right to free speech protected.

Watch the Video Here!

Such reluctance opens a huge door of opportunity for irresponsible and reckless abuse of a right. It goes beyond protecting that right, and could allow extreme and dangerous misuse of our privilege. Specific responsibilities and limits to this freedom need to become common knowledge to prevent these types of outrageous acts. As a result of the anti-Islamic film, years of international diplomacy and respect are being converted to hate, violence, and destruction. Without restrictions, responsibility and restraint, this right could be used for other incredible and intentional wrongs.

Ruth A. Radmore

Thank you for voicing your opinion of the way you feel we should watch what we say, otherwise we have to put limitations on our speech. All responsibility of Free Speech resides on the Listener, whoever it is that is receiving the message. Whether I speak with dignity, or blasphemy, I have the first Amendment right, which allows me to speak my mind, regardless of taste.

Now don't get me wrong, there is a line that one crosses, when the listener has any negativity due to what someone else said, should probably go seek some form of therapy. I was raised being told:

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"

We need to stick up for our fellow Americans and our freedom of speech, because we are one of very few country's that protect its citizens speech with law. I would not worry about how a few Muslim cry-babies are rioting and looting because of what was said. The media is using the instability in the middle-east to try to convince us that it would be for our own benefit to get rid of the first Amendment all together.

Ruth, please don't believe everything your little black box tells you. They have a corporate conflict of interest, and its not for our benefit. Down with the Mass Media! Remember, Feelings Don't Exist!

Gregory S. Pitsch

Friday, October 12, 2012

oh zee TV: 4409 -- PIRATES say I look suspicious...WTF

oh zee TV: 4409 -- PIRATES say I look suspicious...WTF: Police are overstepping their bounds all of the time they are patrolling.

AWOLnation - Kill your Heroes

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oh zee TV: AWOLnation - Sail

oh zee TV: AWOLnation - Sail: Mitt should blame it on his ADD Baby....

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Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Braden to stay in Stockton, endorses Silva for mayor

Braden to stay in Stockton, endorses Silva for mayor
Print this Article Email this Article Text Size: A | A | A

By The Record
October 12, 2012 4:08 PM
STOCKTON – A’s pitcher Dallas Braden said today he’s staying in Stockton, reversing a previous announcement that he planned to move out of frustration for City Hall’s handling of crime.

Braden, 29, made the statement at a campaign event where he announced his support for mayoral candidate Anthony Silva, who seeks to unseat incumbent Mayor Ann Johnston on Nov. 6.

In an anti-violence rally at Victory Park last month, Braden shouted to Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones in front of hundreds of residents and vowed to sell his home and leave town. Before that, he and his grandmother had been crime victims and police were slow to respond, drawing his ire, Braden said.

Read Saturday’s Record for more on this story by staff writer Scott Smith.

oh zee TV: Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Mitt Romney caught on "h...: Oh Zee's Words of Wisdom: Mitt Romney caught on "hidden camera" : Atta Boy Mitt!!

truth be told: Officer in Michigan Thinks he is above the law! B...

truth be told: Officer in Michigan Thinks he is above the law! B...: No one is above the law, Not even police, they are supposed to enforce the law, not be the law!

2 arrested in connection to 2 Stockton bank robberies

STOCKTON, CA - An anonymous tip lead to the arrest of two men suspected of robbing two Stockton banks a month apart.

Richard Stoeckle, 20, of Stockton, and Christopher, 20, of Manteca, were arrested after Stockton police and SWAT served search warrants at their homes Thursday, Officer Joseph Silva said.

The first robbery happened on Aug. 28, around 11:30 a.m. at the Bank of the West on the 500 block of Carolyn Weston Boulevard. The two suspects were armed with firearms during the robbery.

The second robbery happened on Sept. 25, around 11:15 a.m. at the Premier West Credit Union on the 3200 block of W. Benjamin Holt Drive. During the robbery, one of the suspects shot at a computer monitor, which injured an employee.

Silva said the anonymous tip identified both suspects in the robberies. Police got a search warrant for the homes and then arrested the two without incident.

Stoeckl was arrested for two counts of robbery and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. Mitchell was arrested for two counts of robbery.


They had checkpoints in Nazi Germany! Facist America!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Are you Kidding Me? Thank you for pointing this out, This seemed to get passed my attention. We are about to go to Martial Law. CBS 13 News Station Sacramento, CA.


Cen Cal Hip-Hop: Kanye West and Jay-Z - Clique


Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty 2012

Sample band press kits


KOVR CBS 13 - Stocktons Mayoral Debate

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FED RES. missing $16 Trillion

Dear Patriot,

Trillions of dollars have been stolen from U.S. taxpayers.

You and I, right now, are seeing the worst plundering of a country's wealth in the history of civilization, led by an out-of-control Federal Reserve.

But you and I together CAN put a stop to it all.

With your help (including completing the petition to your representative and senators) today, Campaign for Liberty is ready to take the battle straight to the heart of the problem - the Federal Reserve itself.

This Congress, we came close to enacting a full Audit of the Fed.

As you recall Audit the Fed passed the House with a bipartison majority and was only stalled in the Senate after Sen. Harry Reid vowed to not even bring it up for a vote.

Next Congress, with more Fed opponents put in office and the economy still reeling, we have our best chance ever.

But you must act today.

Just think about the scope of the problem.

The massive, outrageous amount of dollars recently committed to the economic bailouts totals:

More than the socialist New Deal...

More than the entire Iraq debacle...

More than the 1980's savings and loan mess... More than the Korean War...


Where will it all end?

It's time you and I put a stop to an out-of-control Federal Reserve.

And passing Audit the Fed will do just that.

That's why it's vital you fill out your personal "Audit the Fed" petition.

This bill will finally pull the lid off the FED and expose its outrageous power grabs.

Now is the time to make sure your representative and senators feel the heat to support the Audit the Fed bill!

If you and I don't act today, I'm afraid this crisis will end with the economic ruin of every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Today, over 16 TRILLION in taxpayer dollars in bailouts and loans have been agreed to by Congress, the Bush and Obama Treasury Departments, and the out-of-control Fed.

So is it really any wonder more and more folks are starting to realize the Washington, D.C. establishment is hurtling us toward complete economic disaster?

Whether it's watching a phony "stimulus" package get rammed into law or seeing Congress pass a $700 BILLION bank "bailout," the American people are agitated and increasingly angry.

You saw the result of that anger in the Tea Party revolt in 2010 and the momentum has continued to grow.

Statist, pro-Fed politicians have been tossed out of office left and right!

And several more are facing tough opposition back home ahead of November.

That means it's a perfect time to unleash the pressure of MILLIONS of outraged Americans on the out-of-control Fed today!

So please agree to complete your petition urging your Representative and Senators to cosponsor and seek roll call votes on Audit the Fed - the first step toward ENDING THE FEDERAL RESERVE once and for all!

As I know you're aware, the Federal Reserve is shrouded in secrecy.

Its meetings are off-limits to the public.

Its inner-workings are off-limits to the public.

Fed leaders know coming clean with Congress and the American people on how they create money out of thin air would result in an anti-Fed firestorm.

So can you imagine the impact of a full-scale audit?

You and I will finally be able to show the American people that the Federal Reserve System leads to:
*** Constant economic crises - the housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally-planned interest rates and money manipulation;

*** The destruction of the middle class - as fuel, food, housing, medical care, and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money slowly decreases;

*** Currency destruction - history shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize fiat money isn't worth the paper it's printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

And unless you and I do end the madness in Washington, D.C., we may be closer than we'd like to think to learning that history lesson firsthand, right here on the streets of our towns and cities.

That's why your commitment to helping pass the Audit the Fed Bill - and helping Campaign for Liberty fight this battle - is so vital.

Just a few years ago, there was no chance of passing any legislation like Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill.

So I guess there has been one "CHANGE."

You see, with the piling up of trillions of dollars in out of control "bailouts" of Wall Street and international bankers, even many politicians in Washington, D.C. want to show you they're "being responsible."

What better way for Congress to do this than by auditing the Federal Reserve to account for the trillions stolen from U.S. taxpayers?

More and more Congressmen are already feeling the pressure and are signing up to support this bill.

There will be many battles you and I must wage over the coming months to take back our country.

But this one is addresses to core of so many of our other problems.

And, it's both a bill we CAN pass and one that is vital to exposing the massive corruption and downright evil at the Federal Reserve.

You see, after regulating, taxing, spending, borrowing, and printing us into what looks like the worst recession in decades, establishment politicians and power brokers are assuring us they're working hard to "fix" our economic woes.

What is their solution?

You guessed it.

More of the same!

I'm convinced that if you and others will insist on Congress passing Audit the Fed, the votes will be there.

Now, we just need to show Congress the American people demand action on Audit the Fed.

Here's how we plan to do that.

First, we're already busy contacting up to seven million activists nationwide through mail, phones, and email to generate petitions to the U.S. Congress demanding action on "Audit the Fed".

But that's just the beginning.

We'll work the talk radio stations and grant local media interviews to further turn up the pressure on Congress.

And a few days before the vote, if we have the resources, we'd also like to run hard-hitting targeted radio, TV, and newspaper ads.

This entire program is designed to send this one, CLEAR message to Congress - any politician who votes against the Federal Reserve Audit should look for another job.

But such a massive effort won't be easy - or cheap.

So, in addition to your signed petitions, I also hope you'll agree to chip in a contribution of $10 to Campaign for Liberty.

If we don't take action, the America we see in just a few years could look far worse than even the one we see today.

Can I count on you to join the fight to AUDIT THE FED by filling out the petition and chipping in a quick $10 contribution right now?

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Please complete your petition DEMANDING your Representative and Senators cosponsor and seek roll call votes on the Audit the Fed Bill TODAY!

With federal spending at record levels, and TRILLIONS of new dollars flying off the printing presses, it's never been more important the Federal Reserve's abuses are exposed to the American people once and for all.

So along with your signed petition, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25 or even $50, to Campaign for Liberty TODAY!

How stockton Went Belly-up, and how to get out of financial woes.

By Eric Schulzke

Stockton pushed for an arena complex, including a 10,000-seat hockey arena, a 5,000-seat baseball diamond and an attached hotel complex. When cost overruns drove up the cost, the city got creative. Johnston recalls the scene in when she was on the city council.

"The mayor was talking about wanting a ballpark on the waterfront. The city manager said, 'There is no money. We can't do this.' And the mayor said, 'Can't we take money from municipal utilities, can't we take it from community development?' 'No, it's not legal to do that,' the manager said," Johnston recalled.

"And so he was stymied," she said, "but he kept trying to figure out how he could do some of these projects."

Eventually, a new city council was elected and a new city manager hired. "The city manager got an opinion from some attorney over in Oakdale, who said, "Oh yeah, you can borrow from municipal utilities," Johnston said.

So to help build the arena, the city raided dedicated sewer and water funds, which were legally segregated and not available for building projects.

But the Oakdale lawyer was wrong. Several years, $145 million and one lawsuit later, the city agreed to pay back to the stolen funds. With interest, it will cost the city $1 million a year over 30 years to pay back the $10.9 million it raided for the arena complex.

Altogether, the new complex cost more than $135 million in bonds. Unlike the parking garages and the office building, both now repossessed, the city has held onto the arena complex and the theater — subsidizing annual operating losses as it struggles with the construction debt.

Did you notice Ann Johnston stating that "they" the city council was responsible for these expenditures, and she she was one of them! And she admits to using funds for other departments for the cost of construction!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mepco Is packing up and taking more than 100 jobs to Lodi

Risk and ambition: Stockton's bankruptcy a morality tale for cities around the nation

By Eric Schulzke, Deseret News

Sworn police staffing in Stockton, Calif. dropped from 1.52 per 1,000 residents in 2005 to 1.16 today.
Ben Margot, Associated Press

This is part one in a two-part series.

Read part two: Pixie dust: How Stockton gambled its way from bad to worse.

STOCKTON, Calif. — The marina is beautiful, sparkling and new. So are the baseball park and the hockey arena, home to the Stockton Ports and the Stockton Thunder. Across the street is a stunning refurbished historic theater. The facilities glisten in the evening August sunshine, while teenagers do backflips off a pier and children fish for bass.

A stone's throw away is Stockton's City Hall. Above the entrance is an "All-American City" banner, reflecting faded glory from awards won in 1999 and 2004, but beneath the banner the lamp post foundations are badly cracked. It's one of many clues around the city that something has gone badly awry here.

Wells Fargo repossessed an eight-story office building meant to be a new city hall earlier this summer. The city had defaulted on its loans. The bank also seized underperforming parking garages, which the city built when boom times seemed here to stay.

At a city council meeting in that fading city hall on that warm August evening, the word "bankruptcy" is never mentioned but lies heavy in the air.

To finish reading this article, click here!

Dead Body found in Sleeping bag during a traffic stop

By The Record
October 04, 2012 12:00 AM
TRACY — Two people were detained after authorities found a dead body in the bed of a pickup during a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities found the body in a sleeping bag and ruled the death suspicious. However, no visible signs of trauma were present. A cause of death for the man will be determined after an autopsy, according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

The two people inside the truck when it was stopped at East Highway 132 and South Welty Road were being questioned.

The man’s identity will be released after his family is notified.

Court decision brings more turmoil

Court decision brings more turmoil

"White continues to serve as thorn in side of City Hall." Says the Record, which is the towns editorial.

They must not have the updated suit, with myself, and 4 other citizens, and as mentioned Ralph White.

This year is the most momentous in recent election years, in every race, there's usually a winner and a loser. This Presidential election, can set us apart from our war-mongors "W" family.

Ralph Lee White won one on Tuesday; Stocktonians may end up being the losers.

Not because the former councilman and perennial mayoral candidate may ultimately scuttle the tenure of Mayor Ann Johnston. Or that she might lose the November election to challenger Anthony Silva because of the doubts White has raised. None of that.

Stocktonians may lose because this isn't about what's good for Stockton. It's about what's good for White, apparently still irritated - and, frankly, understandably so - about the citywide voting for district council seats instituted years ago to oust him from the council.

It's about being a thorn in the side of City Hall, not that that's always bad.

A federal bankruptcy court judge said last week that White's challenge to Johnston's legitimacy as a candidate can go forward. White contends that since Johnston served two terms on the City Council before becoming mayor - there was a break in her service - under the city charter she is ineligible.
---------------------------------------END OF RECORD ---------------------------------------------------

And our litigants will not seek any type of finacial retribution, we are not jews.-oz

League of Women Voters hosts Stockton mayoral candidates

Silva, Johnston debate issues

By Damany Lewis

Stockton mayoral candidates face off

Stockton residents on Monday night listened to mayoral candidates in a voter forum held by the League of Women Voters of San Joaquin County.

Mayor Ann Johnston and challenger Anthony Silva held a half-hour forum discussing several issues, including the city's financial situation, along with crime.

"I am running for mayor because citizens are being gunned down in Stockton," Silva said.

Mayor Johnston said she believes she has helped put Stockton on the right path to curtail violence.

"Experience does count in this election," she said.

Jamal Houston-Brown, an undecided voter, said what he is looking for in a candidate is simple.

"A little more effort needs to be done to keep us safe," he told KCRA 3.

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Valley News: 'Speed Freak Killer' Wesley Shermantine Divulges I...

Valley News: 'Speed Freak Killer' Wesley Shermantine Divulges I...: Reuters | Posted: 09/30/2012 12:22 pm EDT Updated: 10/01/2012 9:09 am EDT Wesley Shermantine, half of the duo dubbed the "Speed Freak K...

New Music in Stockton, CA



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