Friday, October 19, 2012

Stockton's Mayor suffers from Amnesia due to her Helium Addiction

Does anyone else feel that Ann Johnston has something serious? She can only work one 40 hour work week. Just imagine how many "hours" aside from her Mayor's duty? The correct answer is none, because being Stockton's Mayor, is actually a full-time position. This is why it doesn't make any sense the way she "runs" her business, instead of "running" our city. Maybe this is truely the reason that our city is in shambles? Nothing personal Mrs. Johnston, but I am fairly certain that your lack of commitment, may be the root cause for our many issues.

We have had enough!

No longer can 'We the people' put up with a wrong answer. Recently Ann has said that she was mis-lead, along with the other 6 council members. Her panel of who? Who were on that council? It's supposed to be the citizens! Not the former Senators, Congressmen, nor Big Whigs of the Special Interest groups. Listen to the people that pay your entire public salary, because you must not forget you need our votes to get elected... yet, you've been ignoring the fact, that we are all in danger of being the next victim of these violent crimes that have plagued the city for too long!

No more Balloons, Mrs. Johnston!

Even after you had received an extra +/-$45,000 which to this day has still not been paid back, going against the courts order... But she has experience of what exactly? The only things I've seen since moving here in 2008, was her lack of drive for the city's well being. I can attest to anybody that says anything besides, "It has gotten a lot worse in the last four years!"

If the court rules in favor of Ralph and I in February, at which point we feel, you personally will be responsible for all legal fees, and running for an Office for which you are termed out, Is also known as Tyranny against the public! Knowing you could be ineligible before you officially announced your candidacy, can be considered as attacking the foundation of our democracy, and accepting votes for an office you cannot fill, Is pointless, and borderline shameful.

Ann before it's too late, do the Right-thing, and push back voting to elect our Mayor to Christmas Eve, then withdraw yourself from the race, and allow Jimmie Rishwain to rightfully challange Anthony Silva. These two Men actually converse with the people of Stockton, they ask and they listen!

New Music in Stockton, CA



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