Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mayor Silva: A letter from concerned citizen

Dear Mayor-Elect Anthony Silva,

Let me first and foremost introduce myself. My name is Rufo Tabayoyong and I am a resident of Stockton and Weston Ranch to be more particular. I do not have a job, I do not go to school, and all I do every day as of recently is stay home watch over my dad and try not to let the sickness of this city get the best of me. The downward economy has a major influence over the people of any community. When there is less and less money going around in a city it is inevitable crime rate will soar and employment will decrease, cause it to be a not so comfortable place to live. That is the situation you are being given and asked to deal with, and to be honest to change this city around I believe will spark the whole nation, and country as one to eventually move toward progress and prosperity.

I do not think a lot of people in our country or city most importantly know that what we are going through here in Stockton is the first in most of the United States. I believe we were hit the hardest of our own bad judgment and misfortunes. We know that Weston Ranch had the highest foreclosure rate across the country. I have been told before that homes where I live were being sold quickly at around 450k and now they have drop down to a average mean of maybe 140k. Not only that we have a high crime rate in Stockton, high unemployment, and overall a bad negative thought of Stockton in general from outsiders looking in.

I know of many people who have a negative mindset due to the none existence of money around this city. I feel like there is less and less help and positive people in Stockton each day. One thing I do know is that the fall to any community is power, money, and greed.

I think that a reason to why crime rate is high and why people are plague with negative minds are because if one were to look around Stockton there is not so much to do around here. I almost lost myself if it was not for basketball, and my love for basketball help me do things and keep me positive about myself and kept my time in use for progress. That in turn helped me to feel better about myself and for everything around me. Basketball also help me reflect on myself and help me confront my problems, and thus I am so grateful that I can say for myself that I am mentally not affected by the economic downfall that is the primary reason for our city problems.

All of us as people are not bad evil people we just do bad things that most of the time we regret and could take back. I know of people who come out of prison totally opposite of what they once were and that time and reflection help them see and realize their personal flaws. If we want change for ourselves, for our city then we have to start within.

An idea I have to help us toward progress prosperity is to promote more community things to do. I use to live in the bay area and a good idea they had in the city of Oakland to prevent the crime and violence to rise was to create more community activity. More events to spend time with each other for common interest funded by mostly time for willing people who want better for us. They put together a community basketball league that people can come and watch as well as play in different parks around the city each Friday night.

So instead of our minors, youth, and young adults who are misguided causing trouble around the city they can use their time in something positive with involvement of the community as a whole. This represented more closeness in the people around us, granted more relations, and more people to actually know more about thy neighbor. It was more than basketball it was an event that reminded the community that we are all on the same team, and we can be happy if we stick together and do whats right instead of promoting acts of selfishness.

I believe you know what I am talking about working with the boys and girls club and this is where I see your strengths. You might know the fundamentals for keeping misguided minds together and achieving goals on the same pace. If we were to lean toward this idea and it does not have to be basketball but other events sports, talent shows, concerts, that are all funded by people just wanting to be together then it would benefit us more than maybe more police officers. We could sell food and have it known that the money made will be use to help better our city by paving our streets, paying for more officers, or whatever we need to run this city.

I have more ideas on how we can help our city but help starts within. We can never really truly do things for each other, but the best help is helping someone help themselves. Inspire and motivate instead of just paying for someone’s misfortunes. You know the term you can catch a fish for someone and they will eat for a day, or you can teach someone how to catch a fish and they will eat forever. This is what I want to promote for our city that if we teach our people how to think more positive and have more happiness in their life even at the start of Friday community nights then this will cause a domino effect and they will be more positive and have confidence to do what is morally right. Lets teach people how to be more responsible positive and to remind them that they are not alone.

Mr Mayor I support you and everything you want to do. I know that you want better for the people of Stockton and that is your true intentions and not for money greed or power. So if you agree or have any input or would like to know more about my ideas then let me know thank you and keep leading Stockton for a better tomorrow.

Inspired Stockton Resident,
Rufo Tabayoyong

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