Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tonight Stockton Will Decide To Go Forward With Bankruptcy or Not

What would your solution be, if you were one of the council members during all the bankruptcy negotiations with the City's creditors?

One has to begin contemplating, whether our city leaders have even tried to figure this whole problem out, or if they are just sweeping it under the rug? The real question that needs to asked, is when are "we" as a community going to elect accountable people to run this city?

There are plenty of faults that could be dished out, but I'd rather look at possible solutions, rather than focusing on the things in the past that put Stockton in this dreadful financial situation. Staying positive is Stockton's #1 priority, if any do in fact exist.

Let me break down the gist of "staying positive." It may seem hard to do in a city that was ranked the most miserable place to live by FORBES magazine, in 2010 and 2012. But there is always two ways to look at everything, some bad occurrences may show some type of positive results.

Murder is always bad, and some times it is just outright evil. However there is a positive spin to everything, in this case, maybe the person who was shot jumped in the line of fire to protect a woman or child. If this dead man's life can be summed up in one word, it would undoubtedly be "heroic."

Heroes are always looked at in a positive light, even if the hero was a high-school drop-out, who got addicted to multiple drugs, as well as alcohol, and spent six years in the corrections system. His last living moment he was a hero, not only to the girl whose life he saved, but to her entire family, as well as an inspiration to many others in the community.

This is just one example, but to every event in life, there are two ways to look at it!

"The past is the only thing that cannot be changed, so instead, try to apply just as much energy towards benefiting for the future, as you waste dwelling on the past. " Oh Zee (GP)

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