Saturday, November 30, 2013

The lack of Privacy in modern society, and how it will hurt us all

     If we as americans are comfortable in this present time, we are not true Americans. The lack of Privacy seem a bit overboard, from my point of view, which I can't say I'm right,  nor can anyone tell me I'm wrong,  when I say that our freedom, fought for , and only time will tell when and if we would do the same to keep the right. 

     It seems like we hear about politicians who are not getting a good reputation by the media outlets.   There are some better stories that are raunchier, or more revealing than this one. 
    here in stockton california, a new scandal allegedly involving two reports form the cities newspaper owned by Dow Jones.  The paper's writers also have some blog called:  One reporter has accused the Mayor, Anthony Silva, of some trumped up jargonistic charge.  This reporter is claiming the Mayor's private email suggests that he has done something new,  and discredits the Mayor, giving a legitimate reason as to why he said what he said.

      If you've ever had the feeling of your privacy being violated, then you should agree that some stuff is meant to stay private.  Especially when and if the information obtained, was obtained through illegal activities.  In such case the reporter has gone too far across the point of intrusion.  This behaviour should be seen in the same light as tresspassing, mail tampering, and many other hacking charges or even espionage would serve him justice.

     If we're allowing them to say we don't have the Right to privacy, its basically an intimidation tactic, which causes some to fear what do they know?  Just look at the game decided most important to the worlds wealthiest; it would obviously be politics at every level.  This is where the elite share the riches we work for. 

     Sounds a bit like slavery to me! 

     With this beastly force that's oppressing the inhabitants of earth, by any means necessary, to ensure the truth cannot be heard.  When great leaders who emerge from the masses,  representing the masses, they are first offered a buyout, if this is refused it leads to scandals and manipulations or lies about the candidate/politician, which then cause the people to reduce the value of their judgement.   Also most of these people are manipulated by the propaganda providers, and therefore encourage the dismantling of their own community.

     Know this Stockton, Anthony Silva is doing the best job he can but he needs our help to push the oppressors back.  Stop supporting mock journalism.   A true journalist will not bias a particular party or person, because they that do, are willing to lie, or cover up the truth for political gain.  This is a major disservice to its readers and the community in which they report, by leading us astray. 

     Stop supporting fraudulent journalism,  that helps corrupt politicians hide, yet exposing stuff that has no interest in the public atmosphere.  If you enjoy your privacy help protect your own by sticking up for those whose privacy has been breached.  If we don't, it will sooner or later be your turn to have yours breached as well.

     I will be there for all of the people who are having their rights trampled, because if you don't stand up for your rights, we will all lose them.  Give yourself the respect that you have as an American and help protect the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

Greg Pitsch
"The People's Politician"

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