Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why are they only investigating Mayor Silva, What about the rest of the council

Stockton is facing its share of challenges. As the city tries to get its financial house in order and address the violence that it has struggled with for the past few years, scandals and squabbles at the top of city government seem to dominate the headlines.

Emails from Mayor Anthony Silva about city business could shed important light on efforts to solve Stockton's problems. But getting those emails – which an expert said are public records – can be difficult.

Citing California's public records laws, News10 requested emails sent to and from Silva's work email account since he took office last January.

According to the records the city sent News10, Silva did not send a single message from his city email account for the entire months of May and June.

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First off, News10 what do you think you are going to uncover, by getting his emails? Also, I don't get what you believe gives you the right to have records of his personal e-mails, text messeges and phone calls, because you don't! I am one who will stand by his side on this issue, and say that he should not hand over any personal account information, what the news station is doing here is extortion, we need to realize when the media is over-stepping the boundaries set in place by our constitution.

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