Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Councilmember to be has important implications for the United States

In my last ditch effort to save our republic I believe that we have a duty to not only protect our Constitution but to ensure the future generations prosperity is still possible. when I decided last year I would run for district 3, it became glaringly obvious that my chances of winning the election were superb. Yet during my early days on the campaign trail trying to get signatures from my nominators I couldn't help but notice that so many people no matter the facts, still have a positive attitude towards Barrack Obama.

This and showed me how misinformed the public truly is. We have the most radical, tyrannical government that we have seen in our country's entire existence. Now, when or if Americans finally see the truth will day flee from the Democratic Party or are they so entwined with handouts and healthcare that they are unwilling to banish this communist party, named Democratic Party.  They seem to be more than out of touch but out of this world if anybody can explain to me how our president can both of you tell Congress that he alone has the power and means to dodge the Constitution. To me this alone cause for impeachment on the basis of young people disgusted with his utter disrespect for the law of the land.

Then let's move on to benghazi, and the switching of the talking points to blatantly obvious attempt to attack our first Amendment right to free speech.   The main thing to get from this scandal, is the dumping of the facts, that they were well aware of at the time that it was a terrorist attack on our Lybian ambassador on 9/11/2012. 

The Obama administration has the audacity to get a video posted on YouTube and start stating that it was the video that sparked a riot, which subsequently affected the safety of four Americans.  Why did they say that?  What many top level analysts say that they are sure the only reason Obama didnt want the truth about AL Qaeda's force throughout the middle east which the democrats are funding them through our very own tax revenue, even though the beginning is starting to look like Treason?

The other thing is , why is the man who made the  video the only person that has been charged with a crime, and not those responsible?

To fix this corruption we have to start at the bottom, so let's start with your vote, write in Greg Pitsch for District 3 councilman In stockton. We have the candidate who vows to fight against the Wicked Politics.

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