Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oprah Buys Stockton Election

Forbes may not consider her the most powerful celebrity on the planet (that honor was recently bestowed to Jennifer Lopez), but whenever Oprah Winfrey does anything, it's definitely a big deal.

And when the billionaire media mogul makes a completely unexpected move--like getting personally involved in a central California election and donating $10,000 to a 21-year old underdog yet to graduate from college--it's guaranteed to upend virtually every corner of said contest.

The race in question is for the seat on Stockton's city council representing the southernmost district of the 300,000-person metropolitan area. The position is currently held by incumbent 52-year old Republican Dale Fritchen, but is being contested by Stanford senior Michael Tubbs.

The Stockton Record reports:

Tubbs said he gained Winfrey's attention in April when she visited Stanford University, where Tubbs will graduate in June. During a luncheon, somebody mentioned to Winfrey that Tubbs is a City Council candidate back at home.
"She looked at me and said, 'How old are you?'" Tubbs recalled. "She kept coming back to Stockton. 'Tell me about the city.' I told her about the homicides, how the city is broke and the disconnect."

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