Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pitsch Responds Late, but it's better now than never

By MICHAEL FITZGERALD | Published: MAY 21, 2012 | Leave a comment
Stockton mayoral candidate Gregory Pitsch, responding to a March blog post critical of his inexperience, writes:

“Just to fill you in on a few things. I have governing experience, from joining a young men’s fraternity, DeMolay. I was also A City of Manteca employee for 4 years, mostly in the parks and recreation department as a supervisor, and as a coach at Walter Woodward Elementary. After which I worked a 3 year stretch at Raisch Grade-Way (RGW) Construction as a Junior Estimator, and Take-off engineer. Working at RGW gave me a fresh look at what the General Contractor is looking for, and how they bid Public Work.

”I wouldn’t necessarily say I have no experience, because I am the President of an up and coming Record Label here in Stockton, and an urban Clothing Line. I am doing the best that I can, with the limited resources I have. Please understand, I am not just another young guy in Stockton, I have the drive of a Leader who WILL make a difference in this city.”

“Thank You,

Future Mayor of Stockton Gregory Pitsch.”

I was hard on Pitsch because I have lost all tolerance for the incompetence that brought Stockton to the brink of bankruptcy, the breakdown of municipal services and international shame. Stockton needs seasoned leaders, not dilettantes. But Pitsch has every right makes the case he is a leader.

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